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Who We Are

The Nebraska Admirals Association is a voluntary organization of those who, over the years, have received a commission as an Admiral in the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska, then wanted more.

No governor has ever mobilized this vast storehouse of talent and ability for the good of Nebraska; it is estimated that several hundred thousand Admirals have been appointed. Many Nebraskans and visitors to our state have not heard of our navy; they have not heard of the waves of prairie schooners that at one time plied our plains under which lies our real wealth---Nebraska's under-ground sea.

After receiving their commissions, many have asked, "Now that I am an Admiral, what are my duties, what can I do for Nebraska?" The NAA has the answer to that question, and perhaps much more. Nebraskans who have earned an Admiral's commission are more serious about the coveted appointment.

NAA members are enthusiastic about working for Nebraska and contributing in his or her own unique way.


Nebraska Admirals Association Mission:

NAA's primary purpose is to organize the Admirals in the Nebraska Navy into a force for the promotion and enhancement of the "Good Life of the State of Nebraska," specifically:

  • To promote education and educational activities throughout the state
  • To promote tourism in the state
  • To promote Nebraska products
  • To enhance Nebraska's agricultural industry
  • To seek and save Nebraska's sea
  • To develop and maintain ports throughout the state
  • To enjoy fun activities such as "walking the plank"
  • To build Nebraska pride and esprit de corps
  • To recycle Nebraska's assets
  • To increase the fleet of flagships of the Nebraska Navy
  • To continue efforts to have U.S. Naval ships named after Nebraska, its people and places.


In 1931, then Nebraska Lieutenant Governor Theodore W. Metcalf found himself to be Acting Governor for several weeks. To please some of his friends, he appointed "20 to 25 prominent Nebraskans" as Admirals; hence, the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska was born.

While the practice of awarding commissions to the more or less "prominent" has persisted, a requirement for some meaningful act or service to the state or community has become more and more necessary to obtain an Admiral certificate.

A curious mystery is related to the Admirals, that of appointments of women as "Yeomanettes" in 1934. No information is known concerning them except that a few of the "appointments" have surfaced. Perhaps they were the results of attempts to recognize the Admirals' spouses, or women themselves for their own significant contributions.

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